• Cyber security is a combined unit of software, technologies, practices and processes brought together to secure computational systems, confidential data, and individual privacy and ensure safety from cyber attacks, damages and unauthorized information access. As the globe is completely dependent on the internet these days, we share every tiny data of us on the internet some way or the other. However, we miss to monitor where our data is shared and what could be the aftermaths. Therefore, in order to protect data from getting into the wrong hands and misused, cyber security is as essential to us as the internet itself. Thus, we need a robust technology for cyber security so that we rest assured that our data and privacy are safe and secure. Thus we, at RiVi have come up with a reliable technology for cyber security. With a motto of improvising it with each passing day, it is a consistent endeavor at RiVi to provide you the best service in terms of cyber security.

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