• A few established fields of enterprise security are:

    • Detection versus protection: As greater enterprise response time affects the efficacy of enterprises, we aim at reducing the enterprise response time along with preemptively looking after threats for prevention.
    • Network versus endpoint: Receiving standardized packets while the end-point centric approach is endorsed to secure actual devices where all the IP and data are stored is the main objective of the network centric approach.
    • Large versus small vendors: We offer bundles of security service packages to large vendors as it is quite significant to their implementation requirements. Keeping in mind the small-scale needs, we also offer individual point security solutions for smaller vendors.

    Enterprise security is now no more limited to just financial institutions. In order to align It security and business strategy, it is important to develop an ideal enterprise security architecture. And RiVi caters to all such enterprise needs.

    Enterprise information security is an essential component in terms of information security and other technology governance process in any enterprise or organization irrespective of their firm size. Enterprise security is also important in IT security portfolio management and metadata maintenance in the IT enterprise.

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