Intelligence Transportation


  • The increase in air pollution, traffic jams, accidents and road rage had made it important for RiVi to come up with a single solution to infinite problems. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) was developed to cater to the innumerable transportation problems in today’s world. It is a bunch of technologies that include,


    • Smart Traffic Signalling Management
    • Public Traffic Priority
    • Multi-Model Real Time Regional Trip Planning
    • Regional Transit Information Sharing
    • Toll Management
    • Parking Management
    • Smart Vehicle Management
    • Scheduling and Dispatching Systems
    • Geographical Information Systems
    • Automated Vehicle Locator
    • Fare Collection System


    All these needs are met by highly efficient yet cost effective ITS technology. Deploying this will not only reduce accidents and travel time but also in turn increase in the productivity of our working class.


    RiVi has specialized offerings for your needs as they promise to serve you in your business requirements from planning to organise. With an immensely huge experience in this field, RiVi can assist transportation authorities with FTA compliance by executing ITS gap analysis and then assisting with the needs of the transportation system according to the gaps which are found.


    The implementation of our core ITS technology includes:

    • Multi model regional trip planning system
    • Automated vehicle locator system
    • Geographical information system
    • Public information display system
    • Scheduling and dispatch system
    • Customer relationship management
    • Wireless enabling of route and trip information
    • Point of sale system for ride stores

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