• With the evolution in technology, mankind has advanced to a state where one looks for ease in every single day to day task. Be it answering the door or be it turning off the lights when not in need. We are now used to the idea of being lazy. And to cater to all these basic individual requirements, the idea of Internet of Things (IOT) bloomed. And with it emerged an individual department in the IT industry that looks after the minor as well as major applications of Internet Of things and artificial intelligence. Internet of Things is basically a network of physical devices, embedded system, electronics, sensors etc.

    The entire concept of IOT has emerged as an amalgamation of various technologies put together. The convergence of a number of technologies leads to the foundation of Internet of things and its wide application accepted and used worldwide. As the application of Internet of Things is increasing, we at RiVi are working together to curate something outstanding out of this genius concept and bring to your service. From a simple switch button to more complex systems like intelligent shopping, transport management, energy management, cloud analysis etc, we are catering to imbibe IOT in most of the arena. With time we would expand to much wider applications as the usage of IOT is not restricted to just this.

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