Machine to Machine


  • Machine to machine learning has a vast implementation whenever it comes to networking of remote devices and data transfer and sharing among them. Its components are sensors, RFID, Wi-Fi and cellular links for communications, and programmed software to help networked devices in data interpretation.

    For the time being, Machine to machine learning does not follow any standards for connected device platform. As a matter of fact, majority of the machine to machine systems are task specific or device specific. Machine to machine learning is comparatively more pervasive and consumers agree upon the quality standards in terms of device to device communications.

    Machine to machine learning is diversely accepted in communities like IT and data computation and thus RiVi has expanded its services to this arena.

    Interconnected wireless networks can contribute in improving production and efficiency in a wide range of areas. This includes even machinery that builds cars. This helps in streamlining products that consumers buy and is implemented to keep it all working with the greatest possible efficiency.

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