Strategy & Management Consulting

There are stages wherein you might face challenges and competitions, but this is how a business progresses. To evolve, ones needs to get strategized and bring forth the better side, to serve their customers well, and acquire a new market share. This can many a times lag due to inexperience and lack of leadership expertise, but can definitely be rectified by consultation and building up efficient strategies. Companies usually pick any particular experienced guy to fill in a loophole, which is nowhere a solution.

RiVi’s entire team is a pack of some tough cards, former C-level individuals, who are seasoned veterans in all the functional areas i.e. transportation, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, and multimedia & broadband industries. The approach is always a systematic one, putting aside all sorts of unwanted things and plans, which eventually leads to a good work – at the right time.

Our Offering

RiVi has specialized offerings that assist you in areas of:

  • Leadership
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Management
  • Business Transformation

A dedicated team of experts will always work with you and try to quantify your organizational needs (both strategical and tactical) to determine an individual, process, technology, and business transformation that would or might occur in order to deliver the expected outcomes. RiVi assists you with a better realization and a better vision.

RiVi’s Executive Consultants

  • Are professional & trustworthy
  • Are articulative leaders at all levels of organization including the board
  • Have industry experience & credibility
  • Understand organizational goals
  • Have proven record of accomplishment
  • Can manage through the political environment
  • Wil get the job done

Key Activities

Process Re-Design

Understanding your ins and outs is the basic necessity. Once it’s thoroughly done, moving along with the re-design capabilities can be initiated. This can make you know your client better, their perspectives, and optimizing the balance of obtaining the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Organizational Re-Design

Improving something usually requires time, and time is always more than money! Improving the processes often requires changes to the roles, responsibilities, and structures of the existing organizational storage. At RiVi, the client is helped to identify such changes and are provided some good transition plans for the same.

Technological Strategy

There are times when you are not able to meet the heights that you have decided to achieve, reason being the execution of the technological strategies. RiVi provides you with a top-notch technological planned strategy which will make you boost yourself to the top of your levels and business needs.

Cross-functional Team Building

Variety in the working environment, and innovation in the companies, are the key factors which solely depend upon an individual and collective expertise of employees. An organization has to be fully planned in order to bring in the best-practices and take themselves to a new thinking. Firms which are able to realize their strengths and plans, are the ones which are able to be keep their team intact, with a full-throttle. To be able to be “able”, you need to adapt cross-functional team building, either formal or informal, needs to be implemented.

Operational Strategy

When it comes to managing the entire stuff, altogether, strategy is the key! It is never easy to get along with the things by simply falling into it, rather planning, and sitting on it, preparing some directions to flow will eventually lead to a better management of operations. RiVi’s approach involves clarifying the strategic context and filtering it into a set of clear operational principles. This will allow you to work with abilities to operate efficiently.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing, as the name says is the key to your upbringing. Make sure that you are getting it strategized well, getting it all aligned so that you are easily visible in the market. RiVi will assist you in developing strategies and tactics for marketing campaigns using diverse skills to determine appropriate targeting, partnership, and communication approaches.

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