Business Intelligence

Case Study 1

Business Intelligence

Industry Vertical: Telecommunications

Application Spectrum: Enterprise Portal Solution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, Billing System, ERP System


A US-based wireless telecommunications service provider had its CSRs that needed to research multiple systems to build a complete scenario of customer and fulfil the offers. It is important to keep in mind that these offers are not based on a customer’s tenure or value to the customer. Data deficiency and data integrity were other major issues that limited reporting.

RiVi’s Contribution

RiVi contributed in the management of delivery and program, application design and architecture, business analysis and quality assurance. The strategy we implemented was to design and implement a portal that has the ability to present appropriate offers based on the likelihood that a customer will cancel services, customer’s future value. RiVi also aided in improving the visibility into the save queue and improve tracking and reporting for consistent improvement.


Reduced ambiguity through the ability to create, target, present and track segmented customer save offers. The ability to consistently enforce financial business rules and processes were improved.

Marketing was enabled to:
- Develop offers based on customer attributes.
- Improve and track take rates, test and refine offers before releasing to the entire save queue.
- Control offers based on attributes.
- Improve and track rates
- Test and refine offers before releasing to entire save queue
- Control offers for appropriate customer segments
- Create the ability to access more robust and secure performance metrics.

Positive financial impact:
- The firm was projected to produce benefits of $129 million NPV over 4.5 years.
- Diversely improved targeted cross-sell & up-sell opportunities.
- Efficient targeted communication.

Case Study 1

Business Intelligence

Industry Vertical: Telecommunications

Application Spectrum: Enterprise Portal Solution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence, Billing System, Enterprise Resource Planning System, Enterprise Content Management System.


A US-based wireless telecommunications service provider had over 25 call centres with more than ten thousand customer service representatives. They had to make calls in high volumes to troubleshoot information and training to the CSRs varied across channels.

RiVi’s Contribution

RiVi contributed in the management of delivery and program, application design and architecture, business analysis and quality assurance. The strategy we implemented was to design and implement a portal with consistent information across touch points.


Few benefits of our approach are mentioned below:
- Improved customer experience
- Optimization of the method of completing troubleshooting.
- Improving measurements in call resolution time (CRT), one call resolution (OCR), call transfer and handset exchanges.
- The positive impact to costs and bottom line.

Case Study 1

Business Intelligence

Industry Vertical: Transportation, Government

Application Spectrum: Enterprise Portal Solution, Business Intelligence, Data warehouse, ERP system and various in-house applications.


RiVi helps develop Customer’s Trans-Portal – which is a data warehouse and business intelligence portal that acts as a one-stop destination for all of the enterprise’s real-time performance monitoring and reporting needs. This helps the customer in evaluating its weaknesses and how its business strategies are affecting its operations and how it all ties into the vision and mission of the organization. Information from many disparate systems is collected into a data warehouse – architected specifically to provide scalable, high performance and available information 24×7. This information is presented in an easy-to-access secure web-based format to employees with different security access levels. Information is presented via Dashboards and Reports integrated into a common infrastructure called Trans-Portal, which in turn is integrated with customer’s Intranet.


Access to real-time and accurate information by Executives and Management
- Generation of reports from a variety of disparate systems across the Enterprise
- Analysis of how the business is performing across different functional areas
- Correlation of different business events
- Understanding how business events impact the customers, and how the goals of increasing revenue, profitability and increased ridership are affected
- Making better business decisions to achieve business objectives.

Existing state of IT systems and challenges for information delivery

- Inconsistent Data from multiple data sources including manual entry, mainframe systems, VSAM, Unidata, MS Access, MS Word, Oracle files, Excel spreadsheets, Legacy Systems and others.
- Multiple systems store similar data but in different formats and using different business rules causing data redundancy and inconsistency and making it hard to correlate information.
- Several full-time dedicated staff needed to produce reports manually.
- Hours repeatedly wasted in manual gathering, compilation, creation and distribution of reports.
- Manual calculations è erroneous data
- Data is outdated by the time reports are distributed.
- Historical data is archived in many cases making it unavailable or difficult to obtain for reporting and analysis.
- Lack of enough, accurate, timely, summarized and correlated information creates an environment for potentially non-optimal business decisions.
- Outdated and manual business processes.
- No drill down capability to lower level details without complex coding

End Result

  • Poor Operational Efficiency.
  • Increased Costs of Operations and Maintenance.
  • Ineffective or Non-optimal Business Decisions.
  • Business Decisions not aligned with Business Strategy and Goals.
  • Reactive vs. Pro-active decision making.


To resolve the problems listed above, customer embarked upon a long-term data warehouse initiative and picked RiVi to help with its core expertise in that area to help with implementing the system. Rivi was involved in the entire lifecycle of the project: from requirements gathering, conducting user information sessions, documenting existing business processes, designing the data warehouse and portal architecture, systems architecture, ETL architecture, selection of the hardware and software tools, establishing the infrastructure, setting up different working environments, development, quality control, change management and rollover to production. The project was implemented in phases and key dashboards and reporting systems were implemented in each phase. The following was the hardware and software environment:

  • Oracle 9i Database Server.
  • Oracle 9i Application Server.
  • Oracle 9iDS (Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Designer, Portal, OWB)
  • Windows 2000.
  • Compaq Blade Servers.
  • High Availability/Load Balancing configuration in production.
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) for storage.
  • Centralized management using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager)
  • Quest Software’s TOAD Suite for PL/SQL development

Through the implementation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Web Portal, decision makers no longer have to deal with raw data: data from diverse legacy systems is standardized, integrated and presented in an easy-to-use online format accessible via a web browser.

Access to real-time information on bus and rail performance, quality, safety, customer complaints, crime rates, staffing and financial aspects is supported with drill-down and drill-through functionality.

Managers are presented with indicators that provide an overview of current performance and activities

Alerts and indicators of “hot spots” are provided based on complex activities.

Data entry is automated, reducing data processing time. The data warehouse portal is also integrated with the intranet web-site.

RiVi also made recommendations for the future phases and how the existing data warehouse could further be enhanced to help the customer achieve its business goals.


“Receiving up-to-date and timely information is critical in making effective decisions. Our recent rollout of the TRANS portal as an executive information system has helped me and the rest of the authority in making time-sensitive decisions. I am able to view MARTA reports on-line at any time…Additionally, we have been able to realize significant savings related to maintenance activities…”

CFO & AGM Finance

Benefits of the data warehouse project to customer include:

  • Realized cost savings by
  • Avoiding manual creation and distribution of reports.
  • Changing outdated and manual business processes.
  • Automating data cleansing and aggregation activities.
  • Streamlining Maintenance activities
  • Authority-wide Web-based access
  • Real-time Snapshots of the Business & Effective decision making
  • Availability of Historical data aggregated from various sources and displayed in various formats – Pie Charts, Graphs, etc…Ability to compare Actual with Target and Trending.
  • Automated Monthly Performance Review and other Reports.
  • Improved Operations (Handling of Data and Information):
  • Improved Interface / Single view of data co-related from various sources.
  • Consistency in reporting, presentation, and accuracy of data
  • Automated / Standardized Data Calculations
  • Effective and efficient way to analyze historical data
  • One stop shop for all authority’s KPIs and reports
  • Improved Security and Access Control
  • No waiting period for decision making – power in the hands of executives!
  • Ability to pro-actively monitor business performance and stay ahead of the game.

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