Embedded Services

With increased demand in creating applications for devices requiring performance and battery power, there is a growing need for effort towards hardware and software designing. There isn’t a prominent separation between hardware and software. The concept of separate hardware and software seems needless and outdated. Computing devices with high speed applications can never exist without a combined hardware and software design. There is a serious need in the semiconductor, telecom, and networking industries to find an expert who can clearly understand the levels of system integration and difficulties involved in designing high quality, high performance, and genuine real time embedded system.

RiVi understands the complications involved in designing high performance, real-time embedded system and can help customers to design complete embedded products from prototypes to volume production.

The Core team of RiVi, contains a mixture of Hardware, software, computer code logic design and mechanical engineers managed by a group of engineering experts who can translate hardware and software co design. The core team is supported by component sourcing and purchasing expert who interacts with numerous vendors and ensures the design engineers to focus on core design. Tools are the most important feature without which a market product cannot be built. A proper design has to be supported with the right tools.

RiVi is equipped with modern hardware, software and logic development tool licenses, lab devices for fast prototyping (merging) and keeping up with the latest market developments.

RiVi engineers have immense knowledge on embedded arm processors from companies like ATMEL, Texas, IBM, free scale, NXP, Luminary and real time operating systems like Linux, Windows CE, QNX, works.

Key activities

  • Prototype manufacture
  • Volume Manufacture deployment
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing

Areas of interest

  • Defense, Aerospace & Automotive
  • Digital consumer Electronics
  • Telecommunication and Networking
  • Wireless Telemetric
  • Semiconductor Manufactures
  • Internet Appliance and Industrial Applications
  • Research and development

Engineering partner

We can be an engineering partner in any of the following areas:

  • ASIC verification
  • Embedded software design
  • Embedded Application and UI software design
  • Hardware Board design
  • Hardware layout design
  • FPGA logic design

Services include

  • Development of new hardware boards from concept or requirement to a fully functional working prototype.
  • Development of customised board brings up diagnostics software.
  • Porting of Board support packages for embedded operating system to the hardware.
  • Development of new software drivers for the customised board peripherals.
  • Development of Application software and UI software components.
  • Development of manufacturing diagnostics and test validation software.
  • Mechanical design for stacking hardware modules.
  • Design Verification Testing including HASS and HALT.
  • Manufacture volume production quantities using contract manufacturers.

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