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Optimistic miners who left everything to go west during the gold rush were looking for those sparkling little pieces of metal that promised to make them rich. In many respects, using a data warehouse is a lot like those journeys west.

Companies that go in the right way discover technology solutions that help them in gathering lots of information. If they successfully implement data warehouses, they may solve the puzzles related to unexpected buying patterns to aid decision-making, cut costs, and improve customer service.

However, like those miners who couldn’t stop themselves from dreaming about being wealthy immediately, a company can also be fooled by the hype of the competitive advantages of data warehousing. if approached wrongly, the company might face discontent.

RiVi Offering

Every industry wants to improve operational efficiencies and technology is greatly used to improve customer service, on-line on-time performance reporting, and executive decision making.

RiVi believes in transforming data into decisions and decisions into actions. Administrative always require stake holders and managers to make decisions based on multiple reports derived from diverse data sources. Most of the projects often depend on hundreds of undocumented spreadsheets that, taken together, contain the information critical to the control and success of project. Every month, data is transferred from or to spreadsheets made by operational personnel. Data is lost. While going through linked spreadsheets, errors are made. it key decisions are often made using inappropriate and out of date information.

An enterprise data warehouse provides the basis for data analysis in any industry setting and It collects, standardizes, integrates and organizes data from diverse systems throughout an organization in one place. Decisions are easy to make using accurate data, based on a true real time picture of the business. Persons get immediate analysis of business performance and opportunities by market, customer, product, sales, demographics and time dimensions including corporate and business units. Additionally, past trends can be kept for future forecasting and past performance analysis.

EDW benefits a business greatly. Effective and efficient business decisions can be made based on accurate and timely information.

Enterprise data warehouse consists of data mart architecture, which captures and stores data from various data sources within the corporation. The data sources can be legacy mainframes, client server systems, maintenance and material management systems, asset management systems, human resource systems, financial systems and other critical operational information systems, access databases, excel spreadsheets or even manual paper forms.


  • Real time snapshot of business performance
  • Effective, efficient and timely decision making
  • Meaningful & flexible reporting
  • Agile report delivery mechanisms
  • Archival & trend analysis
  • Paper less environment
  • Business process improvements
  • Accurate data retrieval
  • Cross functional reporting across business units
  • Seam less Integration

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