Infrastructure Security

In today’s time internet has acquired a specific place in almost every work. If one is aiming at being successful in the business arena, then internet is undoubtedly an important element to rely upon. But as said, “every coin has two faces,” so is the case here-if on one hand internet proves to be beneficial, but on the other face it also harms as using internet, the illegal authorities get to reach an organization’s infrastructure and confidential data and thereby hamper the entire working atmosphere.

RiVi’s infrastructure security program recognizes that proper and smart security policies based on the specific environment are essential for protecting the integrity of business operations.

The customised and dynamic security strategies ensures the quality of your infrastructure by avoiding easy and illegal access of your company’s valuable data.

Security Offering

Infrastructure security offerings are designed in a way to help you thoroughly by providing you with peace of mind and protecting your business 24*7.


RiVi conducts a full-scale technology audit to know your current level of security risk. They use the threats identified by this audit to improve your security level by implementing important security strategies to protect your business. Implementation: RiVi does have a great experience in proper security technologies, so are the best choice in implementing.

  • Single sign on/Associated Identity Management
  • Intrusion detection system
  • Firewalls services
  • Creation & implementation of security policies
  • Network Design
  • Secure Authentication Service
  • Encryption/Virtual Private Networks
  • Content/URL Blockers
  • Virus Protection Services
  • Web server security and hardening services
  • Data Backup Services

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

An Intrusion Detection System (abbreviated as IDS) is a defense system, detects the unfriendly activities within a distributed environment. The primary goal is to detect and possibly prevent activities that may harm system security by attempting to hack, in order to collect surveyed information; credit card information, user ids, passwords and other data that may create network vulnerabilities. Key features of a comprehensive intrusion detection system is its ability to provide a view of unusual activity, issue alerts.

In addition, IDS tools can differentiate between insider attack as corporate spying and the threat of external attacks due to hackers.


Firewalls are very important in order to protect any corporation. These are smart systems that control and monitor all hindrance from and through the internet to your corporate network. Today’s world has many complex networks for corporations with multiple entry and exit points, which makes the corporate data and systems unprotected. Network design has become a challenging task with growing threats and is essential to protect the corporate data smartly and preserve the quality of the system. Wireless connectivity is another threat to corporate systems.

System Integrity

Network continuously exposed to harm, may threaten the integrity of mission critical and safety related systems that are attached on a compromised network. These may include:

  • Customer Data
  • Corporate Strategic Information
  • Various Transit Control Systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Law Enforcement Data
  • Human resources Data
  • Financial Data
  • HIPPA Data

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