Program Management

Of all the technical projects, over eighty-four percent result in failure because of ineffective project management, lack of stakeholder buy-in, financial miscalculations and insufficient focus. The greatest challenge being the mismanagement brought about by the changes in contemporary technologies mainly with regard to how it is being applied. How does the organization adapt and respond to these changes are prerequisites for a successful project?

RiVi ensures management of required training and modification of skills to ensure a complete business transformation.

the success of projects through its program management methodology and processes by keeping a check on changing business requirements, procurement practices, political environment, and implementation. Their processes of RiVi also manages various segments of diverse programs while reducing over-commitment of resources and focuses on areas that require most concern and are high-yielding. They prefer describing program segments as a coherent group of projects, each small enough to ensure success, but coordinated enough to also achieve predetermined objectives.

RiVi works to manage the segments by identifying, prioritizing, and selecting the right projects using our Program Management Office Methodology. Also, with the help of Project Management Methodology as recommended by Project Management Institute, initiating the best possible execution. Uncertainty is minimized by exercising consistency and practice. The success is hugely based on the experience earned by managing projects regularly and efficiently, which determines project completion rates.

For a company to achieve its vision, it needs the impact of large projects without much risk, as well as benefits of smaller projects without losing focus, meanwhile, also endeavoring to incorporate all the business changes with a systematized approach. Rivi has created the EDMD or “Envision/Design/Manage/Deliver” framework to ensure that that the end result goals of your business are met.

RiVi Group has Successful project implementations require Independent Program Management as a quickly evolving success factor for companies.

RiVi Framework

RiVi’s methodology is proven and tested to assess scalability demanded by both small and large projects in terms of the range of budgets.

Envision: RiVi Group knows the apt information technology that must be deployed for the concept to work. we prefers concept that is specific, has a success factor or business outcomes. Later RiVi works to translate this concept into tangible measures of success.

Design: Multiple Interdependent project functions in an organized manner with the help of expert project managers that centralize the authority through an office.

Detail project plans are put into place beforehand so that all the project related work can be organized and executed efficiently.

Manage: RiVi's Successful execution of the individual project is a key to RiVi’s success but the management of large and complex programs is a defining feature of their business. RiVi works to divide elaborate program structures into workable tasks with well-defined timelines.

Deliver: RiVi methodology allows our customers to track activity log so that successful project delivery can be ensured.

Program Management Offering

  • Strategy & Management Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture & SOA
  • Business Intelligence
  • ERP System_Integration_Applications_Development
  • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • System Integration & Application Development

Other Product Implementations include

  • Workflow & Document management
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator Systems
  • GIS Systems

IT Infrastructure

  • Single Sign on/ Federated Identity Management
  • Exchange/Lotus
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Firewalls

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